A Massive Impact Through Nutrition

I am starting to see a common theme among the high achieving guests that I get to converse with on my podcast. They are humble.

Dr. Joseph Munoz was no exception to that. With having a PhD in Nutritional Sciences, he is at the highest level when it comes to being an authority on nutrition. You would never know that unless you asked him. Even with his high level of expertise, he has the mindset of not thinking he knows everything, and there is always something to learn. Since is is a scientist, he is literally always learning.

What struck me the most with him was when I asked him the question of why there is so much false advertising/marketing in the fitness & nutrition space, and why there aren’t more people telling the truth. His answer was “it’s not sexy.”

He went on to explain how anything in life including fitness/nutrition is going to take work and commitment. Unfortunately, that doesn’t sell in the world of instant gratification along with the unwillingness to work hard for something. What is even more unfortunate is the companies that take advantage of this and sell false hope to people with their products.

A personal takeaway for me was a reminder of delayed gratification normally being the most optimal way to do things, and that we need to PUT IN THE WORK. This doesn’t just apply to nutrition but everything we do in life. When companies are trying to sell the “get ripped fast” or “get rich tomorrow” type of products, we probably not only need to take a second look at those products, but a second look at ourselves.

Dr. Joseph and his colleagues are part of a team that is leading the way in the nutrition coaching space, and my personal “go to” when it comes to getting educated on nutrition. They operate from integrity, even if that means less revenue. If you want to see how nutrition can have a massive impact on your own life, go check them out at biplane.com. It will be worth it.

Until next time everyone, stay mission driven.

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