The Protector

Dr. Mary Beth is a go-getter and I had a great time hearing about it during our conversation. There are many things that define a human being but there are normally a few characteristics that stand out right away. The first thing I noticed with Dr. Mary Beth was her confidence. This word can sound a bit cliche these days but regardless, I could feel this even through the computer screen of our virtual conversation.

From childhood to traveling around the world protecting high level people, her gas pedal was always to the floor. Before each of her accomplishments, it appeared as though she had already made the choice to succeed. With high achieving people, this always seems to be the case. It reminded me of something I heard the other day.. “people become elite by choice not by chance.”

The high achievers of the world like Dr. Mary Beth are who I consider “shakers and movers.” Although the no one can perfectly predict the outcome of what they are doing or their future, “shakers and movers” take action, doing everything they can to succeed. Second place is not a thought. It is first place or losing. Although I do believe there are tons of lessons to be learned by failure (I have had more of those than most people) I still believe there are winners and losers. She is definitely a winner.

From becoming one of the first women in the United States Secret Service, to working as an International Protective Agent, an author, to receiving her Doctorate in Psychology, she is the epitome of being a winner.

In closing, there is something she said to me after the podcast (along with a note she wrote me in a signed copy of her book) that I found interesting and got me to think more. I perhaps may have a perception shift about this topic one day. I explained to her how I am a harsh critic of myself, probably more so than other people. No matter what goal I accomplish, I never feel it is good enough. I always feel the need for “more” or at least higher level goals. I find the bad in everything I do, borderline pessimistic. She told me “STOPPPPP. There are already plenty of people doing the criticizing for you. There is no need to do that to yourself.”

Although this is still a topic I am currently processing, do you personally self criticize? Do you always tell yourself you are not good enough or need to be better? Lots to ponder! Hope you all are getting after it today.

Stay mission driven everyone.

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